ABOUT HR Chat - Our Guidelines

Our mission is to bring top HR Leaders together in a forum where we foster dialogue for learning, support, and development opportunities. We are leaders in courage, growth and empathy.


Who We Are

We are a global group of HR Leaders who have come together to support each other in a safe space. Our members have deep knowledge and experience. Our purpose is to share insights, discuss learnings and trends, and to help elevate each other to higher levels of growth and success.

HR Chat was built for higher level HR Leaders who have achieved success in their field and are looking to network with peers and thought-leaders as a way to continue to push the needle for personal growth. We believe that leadership excellence raises the bar and impacts the development and success of all employees within the organizations that we lead.

Membership Guidelines and Parameters

In order to ensure the safe space and allow for open, vulnerable connections, our members must meet the following requirements:
  • 7-10+ years of experience in HR practice
  • Strategy-based position
  • Head of People/Executive/Director of HR function in your organization
  • Manager of others (direct reports)
  • Desire and willingness to share ideas, concepts, support, and recommendations to peer groups

Who We Are Not

This is not your normal HR forum. We vet every member application and only let in proven HR leaders to keep our member quality extremely high. Applicants may be denied membership entry if they do not meet leadership level requirements.
  • HR Chat is not sponsored by, nor are we represented by any agencies, vendors, or outside firms.
  • This is not a sales or marketing forum. Talent sourcing agencies are strongly discouraged from applying, as this defeats the intended authenticity and trust built into a forum of high-level colleagues.
  • HR Chat reserves the right to deny or remove members who do not meet the guidelines and parameters set.

Why HR Chat?

  • Vetted Network means immediate access to global views and HR colleagues with deep-level knowledge that spans across an array of industries
  • Access to private Slack Group
  • Private member virtual events hosted by high-level peers and thought-leaders
  • Content Library of event recordings
  • AMAs with top global HR leaders
  • Ability to build strong relationships and expand your network
  • Ability to conduct simple polls on hot topics and current issues that impact your workforce
  • Access to smaller Leadership Circles (for annual members only)

HR Chat Members


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